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Cardiac MRI: The Basics
ASRT Accredited   (1.5 Credit)
Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become the gold standard for assessing congenital heart disease, regional and global ventricular function, anatomy and function of heart valves, and myocardial infarction and viability. It also is becoming ...
A Complete Approach to Breast Cancer Screening
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Breast cancer has a considerable impact on public health in the United States, and early detection through regular screening efforts has been critical in improving long-term outcomes for individuals affected by the disease. Imaging professionals are ...
Imaging and Evaluating the Response to Cancer Immunotherapy
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Imaging modalities, including computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography, are often essential in evaluating the response to treatment and deciding whether to continue or suspend cancer therapy, yet immunotherapi ...
Chest X-Ray: A Review of the Basics
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Chest X-ray is utilized as an extension of the physical examination for patients who present with chest pain or injury, shortness of breath, persistent cough, or fever. Although chest radiography is beneficial in many clinical settings, it cannot def ...
Ergonomics in Mammography
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
In order to produce high-quality mammographic images, mammographers must ascertain ways to protect themselves from injury as they perform their daily job functions. One of the most critical and difficult aspects of mammography is positioning the pati ...
Venous Thromboembolic Disease and Diagnosis by Ultrasound
ASRT Accredited   (0.5 Credit)
Venous thromboembolic disease is one of the most common and preventable causes of death for hospitalized patients. Most pulmonary emboli originate in the lower extremity veins, and duplex imaging is a rapid means to help determine its presence. This ...
An Introduction to the Role of MRI in Breast Imaging
ASRT Accredited   (1.5 Credit)
While mammography remains the primary modality for breast cancer detection, there is a growing trend to incorporate other imaging modalities into the detection and evaluation of breast cancer. Because of the growing overlap between modalities, radiol ...
Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Mammography: An Overview
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Because of the importance of mammography in accurately diagnosing breast cancer, it is essential that all mammograms be performed and interpreted with the highest possible quality standards. The existence of and strict adherence to quality assurance ...
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