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Fusion Imaging in Breast Cancer: Usefulness and Limitations
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)

Significant efforts have been directed toward developing and enhancing multimodality imaging methods for the early detection, diagnosis, and characterization of breast tumors. Initially, 2 separate studies were conducted, and using so ...

The Benefits of Digital Radiography
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)

Digital radiography may provide several advantages in comparison with screen-film radiography, including greater ability to manipulate image processing and acquisition parameters, compatibility with electronic recording-keeping and archiving syste ...

Fluoroscopy Radiation Safety Devices: An Update and Review
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Fluoroscopy displays continuous X-ray images in real time to capture dynamic processes in the body as they occur, making it a useful tool for both diagnostic and interventional procedures. However, there is a risk of overexposure to continuous ionizi ...
The Role of Diagnostic Radiography in Suspected Child Abuse Cases
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Diagnostic imaging procedures that support child abuse allegations in a court of law should comply with the highest quality standards while minimizing the child's exposure to radiation. This article examines the role of diagnostic radiography in ...
The Role of Bone Densitometry in Osteoporosis Treatment and Follow-Up
ASRT Accredited   (1 Credit)
Determination of BMD is essential in the management of osteoporosis, including initial screening and diagnosis, treatment planning, and follow-up of disease progression and treatment response. DXA is generally considered the "gold standard" ...
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