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Really good and flexible with easy time management.

-Barbara D., RT

I love being a member of eradimaging, and constantly promote it to other MRI techs. The price is right, and the articles are easy to understand. Best value for the money, especially for techs that need CE credits in a hurry!! Thank you for that service!

-Margaret G., RT

I love this site! Have used eRADIMAGING for years. Great articles, easy to use, good tracking. Have recommended to several other techs and they love it too!

-Suki W., RT

Wonderful site. Interesting topics easy process to get points. Keep them coming PLEASE

-Candy P., RT

This is the best way for CEUs!! I will be doing these from now on!! So easy to add in for ARRT renewal!!

-Michelle N., RT

I love this website!! The articles are interesting, testing is fair!! So glad a coworker told me about it!!

-Shannon O., RT

I am just about finished with my biennium requirement, (due by 10/31...!!) working on it for about a week. I have never been "this close" to being in default for my CE credits. Thank you, eRadimaging, for this excellent source of credits. At this great price, I cannot thank you enough! I have sent notices to ALL of my diagnostic x-ray, US, CT, IR, and MRI Facebook friends to check out your page and sign up for themselves! Thanks again! 5 Stars!! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

-Andrew W., RT

This site is so awesome! Discovered it on Facebook. If you need CEs, this is the site for you. It's cheap and has great material!

-Paula G., RT

Bless you guys for all the work you have done for us rad techs. This use to cost me a fortune. Your logo should be 'Rad Techs Helping Rad Techs'.

-Teresa G., RT

I would like to thank eradimaging for being there for the technologists. I recently completed a number of credits from all variety of modalities, they were challenging and informative. I have used eradimaging for a number of years and it is a great service. The information is current and the credits are easy to track and even print out a certificate if you need one.

-Stephen H., RT

I just wanted to say thank you! It has been a pleasure to be a member to such a great website. I learn something new every time I do one.

-Cacy H., RT

Great site, I got all my credits for both my ultrasound and radiology licenses for less than bucks, those 500 dollar conventions give you half that for only one of the licenses.

-Kathy C., RT

This is the best website to get CE hours for your ARRT renewal!

-Lori R., RT

I use this site every year! It's a whole lot cheaper than other CE sites.

-Sue O., RT

I love this site!!! Extremely helpful!

-Chandra S., RT

I've been using this site for years. Fabulous!!!! You can't beat it.

-Gail D., RT

I have been a member for several years now and have not once been let down by materials offered, information, costs, or simplicity of obtaining CEUs.

-Lisa F., RT

The BEST CE site I have ever seen. Interesting articles, well written, and a good variety of subjects. For the price this is a great deal. Since we are already gouged for licensing fees it was a relief to find your site. Thanks for looking out for your fellow techs eRADIMAGING!

-Terry G., RT

Glad I found your site . . . Thanks for the great deal on the pricing . . . We need more businesses like this for sure!

-Katherine F., RT

Love the articles. The price is very reasonable for CE credits.

-Christine P., RT

GREAT site for continuing ed for Rad Techs!

-Susan H., RT

Web site offers great articles on a wide gamut of topics at one, if not the most reasonable, price point in the Medical Imaging CME forum.

-George T., RT

Have been using this for a year and it is great!

-Edith T., RT

I am excited that eRADIMAGING CE courses are approved by the state of Florida. I am looking forward to becoming a member and get started with my CEUs. The way that I found your Web site was through a search for CEUs because I am due in August. BEST DEAL I have found yet!! I will be spreading the word to all my colleagues and nuclear [medicine] friends about your website. Thank you for helping the nuclear [medicine] world in obtaining CEUs without hurting our pockets!

-Sandra S., RT

This is a great site! Have used it for the past 2 to 3 years!

-Jay S., RT

Awesome site…that’s how I got all my credits last time!

-Lee Ann C., RT

You can’t beat the price !!!! :-)

-Shelby M., RT

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