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Mammography SE Bundle

     The Mammography SE Bundle meets the ARRTŪ 16-credit SE requirements. The ARRTŪ requires 16 credits (hours) of SE as a component of post-primary certification.

Bundle Approved for:
Structured Education Credits: 16
CE Credits: 19.25

Price: $34.95

Back to Basics: Mammography Image Production (0.75)
Patient Care (0.25)
Procedures (3)
4.00 4.00 11/1/2025
Mammography and Breast Imaging in Transgender Patients: The Current State of Practice Patient Care (1.5)
Procedures (1)
2.50 2.50 9/1/2025
Artificial Intelligence and Mammography: Conceptual Perspectives and Clinical Applications Image Production (1)
1.00 2.25 1/1/2025
Clinical Applications and Advancements in Breast Sonography: A Comprehensive Review Procedures (2)
2.00 4.00 11/1/2024
Patient-Centered Breast Imaging and Specialized Treatment Patient Care (1)
1.00 1.00 1/1/2027
Improving Mammography Positioning: Common Errors and Overcoming Challenges Image Production (0.25)
Procedures (1)
1.25 1.25 11/1/2025
Breast Imaging in High-Risk Patients Patient Care (1)
1.00 1.00 10/1/2025
Three-Dimensional Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: An Update Patient Care (0.75)
Procedures (0.5)
1.25 1.25 7/1/2025
Imaging Benign Breast Diseases: The Role of Sonography and Mammography Patient Care (0.5)
Procedures (0.5)
1.00 1.00 4/1/2025
Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Clinical Benefits, Risks, and Long-Term Effects Patient Care (1)
1.00 1.00 7/1/2024
  • Completion of bundle valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Credits from this bundle can also be used to meet your state and ARRT® biennial CE requirements.
  • Meets ARRT® structured education requirements.
Total Structured Education Credits: 16
Total CE Credits: 19.25

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