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This information is for Structured Education credits only (details below)


You are entering the portion of our website dedicated specifically to Structured Education (SE).
SE is NOT the same as CE.

SE consists of highly specialized continuing education activities designed to help you master the information needed to earn an additional credential through the ARRT®'s post-primary pathway.

Most (but not all) courses in our library have been approved toward SE Requirements. With your eRADIMAGING subscription, you may take any combination of courses and apply the credits you have earned toward your biennial/triennial requirements and/or SE requirements.

If you are NOT pursuing SE toward an additional credential through the ARRT®'s post-primary pathway, please exit this section.

If you ARE pursuing an additional credential through the ARRT®'s post-primary pathway, you are in the right place. Before continuing, please read the following:

  • An annual subscription (membership) to eRADIMAGING allows you to earn unlimited credit.
  • You are solely responsible for choosing and planning which courses to take.
  • A course's credit value for regular CE versus SE, in many cases, is NOT the same.
  • Credit values for SE are displayed in this section of our website. These credit values will NOT be listed on your transcript or certificate(s).
  • Credit values on certificates and transcripts will indicate the credit value for CE, not SE.
  • You are solely responsible for tracking the SE credits you have earned. We suggest that you use the Credit Distribution Worksheet provided by the ARRT®.
  • If you have already taken a course (for your CE) that has been approved for SE, you may apply it toward your postprimary SE Requirement if you have completed the course within the 24 months of your scheduled postprimary exam.
  • eRADIMAGING makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this portion of our website. However, we do NOT guarantee the accuracy of this information and strongly suggest that before you take a course, you check the information on the ARRT®'s SE portal.

Structured Education

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