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Cardiac Interventional SE Courses

     SE credit values for a course may not be the same as the biennial credit values for that same course. This section lists the credit values for SE; however, your transcript and certificate will reflect CE credit values. This will not cause any issues upon submission to the ARRT. The 30 credit cap for a membership to eRADIMAGING is based on bi/triennial CE credit values. We suggest that you download a credit distribution worksheet so that you can track the credits associated with your activities. You are responsible for tracking and submitting credits earned toward SE. You may renew whenever you need to earn more credits.

The Radiology Technologist and Infection Control in the Age of COVID-19 Patient Care 2.25 5/1/2024
Fluoroscopy Equipment, Procedures, and Protocols: An In-Depth Review Image Production 0.75 5/1/2024
The Radiographer: Patient Education and Communication Patient Care 1.00 4/1/2024
Interventional Radiology (Part 2) Patient Care 0.50 1/1/2024
Interventional Radiology (Part 2) Procedures 0.75 1/1/2024
Interventional Radiology (Part 1) Patient Care 0.75 12/1/2023
Interventional Radiology (Part 1) Procedures 0.50 12/1/2023
Ocular Safety in Fluoroscopy Image Production 1.00 11/1/2022
Enhancing Quality and Safety in Digital Radiography Image Production 0.25 9/1/2022
Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risk Image Production 1.00 8/1/2022
Surgeon General's Workshop on Improving Health Literacy Patient Care 1.00 3/1/2022
Fluoroscopy in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Patient Care 0.50 1/1/2022
Fluoroscopy in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Procedures 0.50 1/1/2022
Dose Monitoring and Reduction Techniques for Fluoroscopy and Regulatory Changes Patient Care 1.25 11/1/2023
Fluoroscopy in Endovascular Neurosurgery Image Production 0.50 10/1/2023
Imaging and Ethical Considerations for Geriatric Patients Patient Care 1.00 6/1/2023
Informed Decision Making and Consent: Principles and Applications Patient Care 1.00 11/1/2022
Cardiac Fluoroscopy: Radiation Safety Considerations Image Production 1.00 6/1/2022
Fluoroscopy Safety: A Focus on Interventional Radiologic Procedures Image Production 1.00 12/1/2021

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