Breast Cancer Interventional Procedures (Update)

Original article by: Karen S. Bubb, BSRT, ARRT(R), RVT, RDMS; Updated by: Steven Marks

*Department Head, Diagnostic Imaging, Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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As technological advancements in breast imaging continue, the ability to detect small early stage breast cancers improves. The importance of making an accurate tissue diagnosis of these early cancers is essential for good outcomes. Minimally invasive diagnostic biopsy procedures, such as fine-needle aspirations, core-needle biopsies, and vacuum-assisted biopsies, have replaced many of the older surgical/excisional methods. Breast-conservation therapy and breast preservation has elevated the importance of lumpectomy procedures, as well as nonsurgical radiofrequency ablation and cryoablation. This article provides a brief description of the most common and emerging breast-imaging modalities, diagnostic biopsy techniques, and therapeutic procedures.

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