Breast Implants and Mammography: Clinical Challenges (Update)

Linda Giering, PhD

*Medical Writer, Matawan, New Jersey

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Mammography is the test of choice for screening most women 40 years of age or older for breast cancer. Implants can interfere with mammographic breast cancer screening as both silicone and saline can obscure mammogram images. However, implants do not significantly affect mammogram results, and women with implants should be reassured that mammography remains useful in detecting breast cancer. Implant-related complications are possible during the mammography procedure. Successful long-term cancer screening in women who have undergone breast augmentation or reconstruction requires mammography technologists to be knowledgeable about proper precautions and the specific techniques that maximize the amount of breast tissue imaged. Types of implants, procedures for breast augmentation and reconstruction, precautions, and radiographic techniques used to provide effective imaging services in women with implants will be reviewed. 

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