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Approvals/Requirements Satisfied by eRADIMAGING Courses
~ ASRT approval for ARRT Category A credit   ~ MDCB approval by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification (Selected Courses)
~ ARMRIT accepted (All MRI Courses) ~ CAMRT and Sonography Canada recognize the ASRT approval (All Courses)
~ ARDMS accepted (All Courses) ~ Florida approval for all courses 1 credit or more
~ NMTCB accepted (All Courses) ~ California CE requirements met for all radiography courses
~ All Courses eligible of international radiographers' CPD requirements ~ All Courses available for RRAs
~ ASRT and MDCB are approved continuing education providers of ARRT and all courses are accepted by ARRT

eRADIMAGING CE courses are accepted by ARRT, ARDMS, NMTCB, ARMRIT, CAMRT, and Sonography Canada. It is the responsibility of each imaging professional to ensure that CE course topics satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for the individual state/s in which they practice.

View CE Courses by Topic - Radiation Safety/Protection courses

  Course Title Course Release Date Credits Exp Date CE Provider
» Trauma Radiography (Format – audio slide presentation) 04/28/2017 1.00 04/30/2020 ASRT
» Pediatric Computed Tomography: Minimizing Risks 02/16/2017 1.00 02/29/2020 ASRT
» Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD): Diagnosis, Management, and the Role of Imaging 12/05/2016 1.00 12/31/2019 ASRT
» MRI Safety: Applying the Latest Guidelines From The Joint Commission 10/17/2016 1.00 10/31/2019 ASRT
» Utilizing Gastrointestinal Sonography to Reduce Ionizing Radiation Within a Pediatric Population 09/01/2016 1.00 09/30/2019 ASRT
» CT-Based Imaging of the Head 06/01/2016 1.00 06/30/2019 ASRT
» The Benefits of Dose Reduction and Monitoring Techniques for Computed Tomography 05/04/2016 1.00 05/31/2019 ASRT
» Cardiac Fluoroscopy: Radiation Safety Considerations 05/04/2016 1.00 05/31/2019 ASRT
» Pediatric Digital Radiography: Minimizing Exposure 04/01/2016 1.00 04/30/2019 ASRT
» Radiation Dose and Safety Issues in Mammography 03/16/2016 1.00 04/01/2019 ASRT
» Fluoroscopy Safety: A Focus on Interventional Radiologic Procedures 12/09/2015 1.00 11/30/2018 ASRT
» Radiation Safety in Bedside Digital Radiography: Reducing Exposure 11/01/2015 1.00 11/30/2018 ASRT
» PICC Placement: Challenges and Safety Issues to Consider for Sonography and X-ray 09/20/2015 1.00 09/30/2018 ASRT
» Fluoroscopy Radiation Safety Devices: An Update and Review 07/15/2015 1.00 07/31/2018 ASRT
» Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: Protocols, Radiotracers and Imaging Systems to Reduce Radiation Exposure 06/01/2015 1.00 06/30/2018 ASRT
» Radiofrequency Heating in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Safety Considerations 02/01/2015 1.00 02/28/2018 ASRT
» Diagnostic Radiography Safety Devices: An Update and Review 10/27/2014 1.00 10/31/2017 ASRT
» The Effects of Radiation Exposure in Medical Imaging to the Eye 06/13/2012 1.00 06/30/2018 ASRT

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