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Approvals/Requirements Satisfied by eRADIMAGING Courses
~ ASRT approval for ARRT® Category A credit   ~ MDCB approval by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification (Selected Courses)
~ ARMRIT accepted (All MRI Courses) ~ CAMRT and Sonography Canada recognize the ASRT approval (All Courses)
~ ARDMS accepted (All Courses) ~ Florida approval for all courses 1 credit or more
~ NMTCB accepted (All Courses) ~ California CE requirements met for all radiography courses
~ All Courses eligible of international radiographers' CPD requirements ~ All Courses available for RRAs
~ ASRT and MDCB are approved continuing education providers of ARRT® and all courses are accepted by ARRT®

eRADIMAGING CE courses are accepted by ARRT®, ARDMS, NMTCB, ARMRIT, CAMRT, and Sonography Canada. It is the responsibility of each imaging professional to ensure that CE course topics satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for the individual state/s in which they practice.

View CE Courses by Topic - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) courses

  Course Title Course Release Date Credits Exp Date CE Approver
» Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Brain Tumor Surgery 04/05/2018 1.25 05/01/2021 ASRT
» Cardiac MRI for Imaging of Pediatric Pericardial Disease 09/25/2017 1.00 10/01/2020 ASRT
» Applications of MRI (Format: audio slide presentation) 07/15/2017 0.75 07/31/2020 ASRT
» CT and MR Enterography for Small-Bowel Disorders 06/01/2017 1.00 06/30/2020 ASRT
» Analyzing Breast MRI, Part II: Common Use, Technical Recommendations, and New and Future Trends 04/01/2017 1.00 04/30/2020 ASRT
» Analyzing Breast MRI, Part I: Roles in Patient Care 01/25/2017 1.00 01/31/2020 ASRT
» The Roles of Mammography, Sonography, and MRI in Women with Dense Breasts: From Screening to Investigative Imaging 10/24/2016 1.00 10/31/2019 ASRT
» MRI Safety: Applying the Latest Guidelines From The Joint Commission 10/17/2016 1.00 10/31/2019 ASRT
» Strategies for Reducing Artifacts on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging 01/07/2016 1.00 01/31/2019 ASRT
» Medical Imaging of Adult Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Applications for MRI and PET 05/01/2015 1.00 05/31/2021 ASRT
» Radiofrequency Heating in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Safety Considerations 02/01/2015 1.00 02/28/2021 ASRT
» Breast Cancer Screening: Achieving Combined PPV with Mammography, Sonography, and MRI 10/02/2014 1.50 10/31/2020 ASRT
» Cervical Spine Radiography: Assessment and Imaging with X-Ray, CT, and MRI 08/18/2014 1.00 08/31/2020 ASRT
» Pulse Sequences for Cardiac MRI 07/16/2014 1.00 07/31/2020 ASRT
» Cardiac MRI: The Basics 04/11/2014 1.50 04/30/2020 ASRT
» Imaging and Evaluating the Response to Cancer Immunotherapy with CT and MRI 02/14/2014 1.00 02/29/2020 ASRT
» An Introduction to the Role of MRI in Breast Imaging 11/08/2013 1.50 11/30/2019 ASRT
» Breast Imaging with Ultrasound and MRI for Surgical Planning in Cancer and Implantation 08/01/2013 1.00 08/31/2019 ASRT
» X-ray and MR Imaging of Knee and Shoulder Athletic Injuries 06/26/2013 1.00 06/30/2019 ASRT
» The Potential Role of fMRI in Lie Detection 01/01/2013 1.00 01/31/2019 ASRT
» Patient Positioning and Mammography with Ultrasound and MRI 09/13/2012 1.00 08/31/2018 ASRT
» A Review of MRI of the Breast and MRI-Guided Stereotactic Biopsy 05/03/2016 1.00 05/05/2019 MDCB

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